Protect Your Hose Assemblies from Abrasion with These Tips

Most hydraulic hose assemblies operate in rough, demanding conditions. For this reason, the hose often gets exposed to debris, especially in mobile equipment or industrial settings. Add this to the machine vibration and continuous movement hose assemblies are constantly exposed to, and hoses quickly become subject to severe damage by abrasion, which can lead to faster-than-normal failure.

Hose Assemblies

To protect your hose assemblies from abrasion and accompanying damage, we recommend the following:

  • Shielding—One of the best ways to keep your hoses safe is to create a physical barrier against them and other equipment. Even something as simple as a sheet-metal guard can protect vulnerable aspects of your hoses from weld spatter, sparks, impacts, and debris.
  • Spring guards – As the name suggests, spring guards are usually steel-wound springs used for resistance against corrosion. Typically, they come in a variety of diameters, so you can find one slightly larger than your hose.
  • Protective sleeving—Economical and effective, protective sleeves are simply textile sleeves that slip over the body of a hose. Usually made from nylon or polyester materials, they provide excellent protection against external abrasion as well as UV radiation.
  • Protective wraps—Much like protective sleeving, wraps are designed to be implemented after a hose assembly is installed to equipment. Usually, these sleeves come to you flat and you attach them using a Velcro-type closure.

We want to help you get as much life as possible out of your hose assemblies. For more information about protecting them from abrasion, give us a call!