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We are proud to bring hydraulic hose assemblies and hose accessories to our customers.

We also know that sometimes you can’t wait around for a part to arrive in the mail. If you are experiencing downtime due to a hose assembly malfunction, you can always call on us at HOSER to provide mobile hose replacement services. We’ll bring our mobile hose replacement van to your site, customize the solutions to your specific application, and have your business back up and running quickly and efficiently.

HOSER is the one-stop shop for your hoses.

We always encourage routine maintenance checks of your hoses, so you’ll know where to turn when you require replacement parts. It’s important to us to maintain hydraulic hose assemblies and other hose equipment that our customers can rely on when they need to keep their commercial and industrial machinery going. Call us about our free hose safety walk-throughs!

At HOSER, we believe it should be easy to repair and replace your hose assemblies when your equipment experiences a breakdown. Whether it’s due to wear and tear or some other damaging event, your hose assemblies are a vital part of what keeps your business running. Fortunately, we offer unique solutions by bringing new hose assemblies and accessories to our customers at their production site.


While many hose companies require an online order and wait time for new equipment to arrive in the mail, sometimes you can’t wait that long while your business is in partial or full shutdown. Not only is this time lost in production, but it could also be money lost with your customers. At HOSER, we are proud to say we can eliminate some of this downtime by providing fast, efficient, mobile hose replacement services that allow you to get back to your normal operations as quickly as possible.

Our line of products includes hydraulic hose, industrial hose, low and high pressure fittings and a variety of accessories, including crimps, O-rings, adapters, gauges, and more. Whether you need a single piece or an entire kit, we can provide the solutions you need for your business in Monroe, North Carolina.

If your business utilizes hoses and hose accessories for your daily operations, don’t wait around for the equipment you need to maintain production. Give us a call at HOSER to schedule a quote for parts or to have our mobile team come to you. We look forward to serving you.

Industries we serve include; mining, demolition, recycling, municipalities, transportation, trucking, grading, earth-moving, forestry, sanitation-garbage, construction, automotive, manufacturing, plastic injection, agriculture, material handling.