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Great owner. He came out at night to help me, and then I honestly think it was my fault for not showing him everything that needed to be fixed, because something he put on was incorrect. He still took care of me after the fact. Great place. Only going there from now on.

- T.

Great company, affordable prices, and quick service. Always there to get you up and running.

- Adam B.

These guys came out to service 2 lines on our pipe bender. They were extremely fast, and everything looks as good as factory! Thanks, Lowrance!

- Randy's Auto & Xhaust Xperts

Had the fittings I needed at the end of the day. Great service.

- Jared R.

Great job, guys!

- Laura R.

Had a water issue outside and Paul and team supplied and installed durable hoses that rerouted the water as needed. Great customer service – they took the time to explain the process. By far one of the best experiences in terms of quality and service.

- Phoenix F.

Thank you to Daniel who came out and changed our busted hydraulic line! Fast, dependable and great customer service. Keep up the great work, guys

- Bethel Misc. Steel

Some of the best guys around. They’ll get you fixed up in no time, and you won’t find anyone more reasonable. Down time costs money, so give them a call!

- Chris T.

Great job. Two trips for lines and less than 30 minutes to make the parts.

- James S.

I have never talked to someone as knowledgeable as Jeff on hoses and fittings.

- Josh N.

Owner was awesome!!! Greatest experience I’ve ever had!!!

- R H

Professional service in a timely manner. Knowledgeable technicians with vast array of parts in their service vans. Highly recommended!

- Brandon C.

Guy is cool and helped me quickly!

- M.

The best fast, reliable service.


Outstanding customer service and hardworking group of folks!!!! Thanks, guys!!!

- Levi B.

Fast, friendly service. Great price. What a great deal. Thanks.

- Roger H.