How to Choose the Right Hoses for Your Needs

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As you can tell from our name, our team at HOSER specializes in providing high-quality industrial hoses. We understand that hoses play an important role in your operation, and we want to help you ensure that your equipment continues to perform optimally. To help you do that, in this article we will be providing a brief guide on how to select the right hoses for your needs.

How to Choose the Right Hoses for Your Needs

  • Consider What Goes into the Hose- When choosing hoses, the first thing that you should consider is what materials will be going into the hose–that is, what is the hose going to carry? Industrial hoses are used to carry a wide variety of substances, including fuels, fertilizers, pesticides, and hydraulic fluids, but not all hoses are compatible with all materials. If you choose a hose that is incompatible with the material you plan to use it for, the hose lining will deteriorate, and the hose will ultimately fail.
  • Consider Pressure- Another key thing to consider when choosing hoses is whether or not the hoses need to be able to withstand high pressure. Fluids under high pressure will exert some of that pressure outwards on the walls of the hose, so you need to choose a hose strong enough to take it without breaking. On a related note, hoses that need to withstand vacuum pressure need to be strong in the other direction, as you don’t want them to collapse under the vacuum’s suction.
  • Consider Diameter- A third factor to consider when choosing hoses is how much fluid you will need to transport, which means you need to think about the hoses’ internal diameter. The diameter of the inside of a hose affects how much fluid it can transport under how much pressure, so it’s important to get this right.