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Contact us for replacement of hose accessories, including O-rings, gauges, adapters, crimpers, and stainless hose fittings.

If you utilize hydraulic hose assemblies during daily operations, you know that any breakage of one of the hose accessories can be problematic. Not only does it compromise your production, but it can also lead to damage of the hose itself. At HOSER, we offer complete solutions for your equipment needs with hose accessories that will ensure the stability and functionality of your industrial and hydraulic hose systems.

Hose Accessories in Monroe, NC

At the first sign of a problem, you can contact us for replacement of hose accessories, including O-rings, gauges, adapters, crimpers, and stainless hose fittings. Not only can you call to order these parts when you notice a problem, but our mobile response team can also be activated to provide on-site support, so your business operations aren’t put on hold. We understand that sometimes your hose repairs and replacements can’t wait, and because we bring our hose accessories to you, we can help you keep to your schedule more efficiently.

Your Quick Guide to Our Hose Accessories

At HOSER, we proudly supply our clients in Monroe, North Carolina and the surrounding area with one of the widest supplies of hose accessories available. Whether you are a commercial or industrial customer, here is a brief introduction into the types of hose accessories we keep in stock, so you can make the conscious decision to shop with us the next time you need to outfit your hose assemblies with new parts.

  • Crimpers—You can either rent crimpers from us or build ones to suit your specific needs. Made from high-quality materials, our crimpers help your hose assemblies continue running.
  • Complete assemblies—Maintaining steady operations for your business means ensuring your hose assemblies are in good condition. If your assemblies could use an update or lack functionality, we can help.
  • Quick disconnects—Available in many shapes and sizes for nearly as many applications, quick disconnects make operating a hose assembly simple, safe, and easy. Let us help you determine which disconnect would be the right fit for your operations.

These are just a few of the hose accessories we offer to our customers, but there are many others in our selection, as well. Simply let us know your purpose and the specifics of your hose setup, and we can suggest hose accessories that will enhance your operations.

Have questions? Contact us! At HOSER, we are your top source for all things hoses and hose accessories, so don’t hesitate to turn to us when you have questions, need advice, or want to make a purchase.


Scheduling routine hose checks is the best way to avoid a complete breakdown of your system, whether you are running high volumes of water via thermoplastic hose or have a suction and return system. If you notice cracks or leaks on or around any of your hose accessories, or on the hose itself, it’s important to address the issue right away. If you’re not sure, have one of our technicians come and take a look for you.

Let HOSER repair and customize your hydraulic hoses.

At HOSER, we have the resources and services you need to keep your industrial and hydraulic hose assemblies working their best. Contact us today for more information about our parts and service, or to have our mobile team come to your site in Monroe, North Carolina.

At Hoser, Inc., we offer hose accessories to customers in Monroe and Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as Greenville, Charleston, and Spartanburg, South Carolina.



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