3 Key Advantages of Opting for Custom Hoses

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Your business likely purchases hoses in bulk, and you probably rely on standard sizing to fit your equipment with the right hoses. Although this is a beneficial approach for many operations, there are several reasons why investing in custom hoses is a better way to go.

reasons why investing in custom hoses is a better way to go

  1. Make replacement faster—Custom hoses designed specifically for a piece of equipment or a particular machine are much faster to replace in an emergency. The reason for this is that when you replace the hose, it will match up with the connects properly without requiring you to stop and tweak the entire assembly to ensure a safe, effective fitting. As a result, you can get your equipment up and running again with less downtime.
  2. Get a better fit—For your safety and the safety of your employees, making sure your hydraulic hose assemblies fit your machinery the correct way is essential. Custom hoses minimize safety concerns and offer other benefits in terms of operation. For example, a hose that fits properly is much less likely to leak and cause additional problems.
  3. Make your hoses last longer—Standard-sized hoses will only last so long when used in conjunction with your equipment, but custom hoses will last much longer. When you have to twist, bend, or pull across other components to make your hoses fit, they will wear down much faster. All this additional movement puts extra stress on your equipment and the materials of your hoses, forcing you to replace your hydraulic hoses more frequently.