Bulk Hoses: The 3 Major Components of Any Hydraulic Assembly

Our team at Hoser, Inc. gets asked regularly about bulk hoses and what parts and pieces of equipment should make up a fully functional assembly. For most hydraulic assemblies comprised of bulk hoses, there are usually three major elements:

1. Tubing—When most people think of bulk hoses, the tubing is what comes to mind first. The tubing’s main responsibility is to transport the media from one end to the other. It also keeps the media from exiting the hose at the wrong point.

Most bulk hoses should be equipped with fittings to ensure proper operation

2. Reinforcement—The reinforcement of a tube is what contributes to its strength. Hosing reinforcement comes in many types, including spiral, braided, helical, and more.

3. Cover—The covering of any hose assembly protects the tubing and the reinforcement from the surrounding environment.

Most bulk hoses should be equipped with fittings to ensure proper operation. Hose fittings are usually made from strong materials, like brass, stainless steel, metal, or carbon steel. Additionally, these fittings have two parts –the socket, which goes over the outer cover of the hose, and the stem, which goes directly into the inner tubing of the hose. The stem will usually extend out from the end of the hose and become the connecting end for a piece of equipment to attach to.

Thanks to our experience with bulk hoses, we could talk all day about their different components and materials. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, and a member of our qualified team will be happy to help.