Critical Questions to Ask Before Choosing Quick Disconnects

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With quick disconnects, you can quickly and easily connect and disconnect fluid lines within a hose assembly. Usually operated by hand, these hose accessories replace hose fitting connections that would ordinarily require specialized tools to both disassemble and assemble.

While using quick disconnects can make the user’s life much easier, and the use of the hose application much more efficient, you have to use the correct one for the application. When specifying your quick disconnects, answer these questions to make the best decision possible:

  • Do you need to operate the quick disconnect using one hand at a time?
  • Does the quick disconnect need to come with a shut-off mechanism? Do you need this capacity at one end of the connector or both?
  • Is it ideal for the connector to not have a shutoff mechanism, so when connected, the disconnect can reach maximum flow capacity?
  • Do you need a non-latching disconnect?
  • Will you need to use a singular disconnect to connect and disconnect multiple fluid lines at one time?
  • Will you need to operate the hose disconnect while underneath a vacuum?
  • What type of hose tubing will you use in conjunction with the quick disconnect?

Consider the answers to these questions in addition to making sure the new fitting can provide the flow performance required by the design of the hose on an ongoing basis. Our team can also provide advice and recommendations when you choose quick disconnects for your hose assembly, so if you would like assistance, please contact us!