Don't Forget to Maintain Your Hoses! Tips for Reducing Breakdowns and Premature Replacement

Your hoses are a critical part of your operations, so a breakdown or the need for premature replacement can be costly and inefficient. At Hoser, Inc., we want to help your hoses work at an optimal level, which is why we suggest the following maintenance tips for your assemblies:

  • Always start with the right hoses—Before installing new hoses, always consider the level of water force you require and how much pressure the particular machine can exert. You also need to think about the viscosity of the fluid flowing through the hose and the sizing before selection.

, store your hoses in a cool, dry place

  • Inspect before use—Keep an eye on your hoses, especially as they get older. If cracking or blistering occurs, watch these areas and move forward with replacement if the deterioration is unsafe or significant.
  • Store your hoses properly—Exposure to heat from the sun and other sources can affect the quality of your hydraulic hoses and their lifespan. If possible, store your hoses in a cool, dry place, so they do not age faster than expected.
  • Clean the fittings regularly—Dirt, dust, and other debris can affect the performance of your hoses. Use a clean cloth or a recommended cleaning solution to remove contaminants from your hose fittings on a regular basis.

If you have additional questions about maintaining your hoses and assemblies, our team is here for you! Contact us at Hoser, Inc. today for further information about all things hoses.