Everything You Need (and Want) to Know About Hose Crimpers

Hose crimpers are an essential part of any hose assembly. Available in both powered and un-powered form, these deformable metal fittings join sections of both rigid and flexible hosing and tubing. Ranging from simple, handheld devices to automated, sophisticated additions for freestanding machines, hose crimpers are likely a necessary component of your equipment and hose assembly setups.

Hose crimpers are an essential part of any hose assembly

In most cases, hose crimpers are categorized according to hose style, product type, and coupling style. When selecting new hose crimpers, make sure you consider maximum crimp and crimp force as well as the following parameters:

  • Hose insertion
  • Crimp length
  • Crimp diameter
  • Die ring
  • Die

Hose crimpers also fall into three primary categories:

1.  Hydraulic hose crimpers—As their name suggests, these crimpers are meant to be used with hydraulic hose assemblies. When used with hydraulic hose tubing, the ends of the tube must be cut square so that the right crimpers can fit.

2.  Pneumatic hose crimpers—Designed for use with pneumatic hoses, these hoses require squared-off ends for the crimper to fit and are usually used with industrial air supply systems.

3.  Programmable hose crimpers—These hose crimpers feature a touch screen or keypad along with integral software. Different algorithms compensate for variations in the fittings, which often becomes an issue with larger and heavier hoses.

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