How to Choose the Best Hoses for Your Industrial Needs

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Choosing the wrong hoses for your industrial needs can be costly in multiple ways. It can cause failures that lead to equipment damage and require additional or frequent repairs or even replacement of expensive equipment. It can cause downtime waiting for repairs that can waste even more money, both by reducing the output of your operation and in labor costs.

When considering what hoses will best suit your needs

When considering what hoses will best suit your needs, it is important to consider several factors:

  • Pressure ratings: Not only do you have to consider the regular pressures under which you will need your hoses to operate, you will also need to consider potential pressure skies that occur during operation, as will as how the pressure will be affected by the temperature and environment around the hoses.
  • Environmental factors: Other environmental factors beyond temperature and pressure include exposure to UV rays, ozone levels and potential contact with oils, acids or abrasive materials.
  • Other considerations: What kind of material will travel through your hoses? What will your flow requirements be? How flexible do you need your hoses to be? All these factors must be considered before choosing hoses.

Whatever hoses you choose, keep in mind that you are balancing safety and performance with cost. Routine maintenance and checks of your hoses can help you extend the life of your hoses and will alert you when it is time to replace them. This may save you from inconvenient breakdowns or leaks. Always use the right hose for the job and they will last longer and perform better.