Our Hose Crimpers Can be Built Specifically for Your Needs

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If you work frequently with industrial and high-pressure hoses, you are going to need hose crimpers that allow you to join metal fittings between sections of rigid or flexible hosing or tubing by applying force in 360 degrees of contact. Hose crimpers can be a simple, portable handheld tool if you have a low volume or just need to use them occasionally. But if you need hose crimpers on a regular basis, you are going to want to consider a more sophisticated option like programmable hose crimpers, pneumatic hose crimpers or hydraulic hose crimpers.

you need hose crimpers on a regular basis

Here is a little more information about each of these types of hose crimpers:

  • Programmable: These generally have a touch screen or keypad that allows to change software settings that impact variables like the interval or force.
  • Pneumatic: These are often used in automotive or aerospace applications and rely on air or gas pressure to achieve the needed force.
  • Hydraulic: These are also used for aerospace or automotive applications (and many others) and use liquid pressure to operate.

Our hose crimpers can be built specifically for your needs. They can be bench-based or free-standing. They can be powered or unpowered. Common applications include industrial hose crimping, machine shop maintenance, metal forming and shop floor production runs. When considering what type of hose crimpers you will need, there are many factors to consider, including the type of hoses and couplings you are using, the crimp force, diameter and length you need, as well as the die and die ring you will be using.