Safely and Effectively Maintain Your Hoses with These 4 Tips

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Even after diligently selecting and installing your hoses, premature wear and damage can occur without an ongoing maintenance routine. Amplify the longevity of your hoses, maintain efficiency, and increase the reliability of your operations by sticking to these four tips we recommend for maintaining your hoses:

1.  Perform regular visual inspections—Inspect your hose assemblies on a regular basis. If you notice that your fittings are slipping, damaged, cracked, or cut, or they are leaking in any places, plan on shutting down your hoses immediately and moving forward with repairs.

2.  Check on the assembly components—On a regular basis, perform a visual inspection of your hose assembly’s parts and accessories. To ensure your hoses continue to work well, you may need to tighten, replace, or repair certain parts after excess dirt buildup, leaks, or damage occurs.

3.  Perform operational tests—In addition to visual inspections, you should perform functional tests to make sure your hoses are performing as they should. We recommend operating your system at maximum pressure and looking for leaks or malfunctions. This will give you the opportunity to make sure your hose does not operate outside of its maximum pressure and that any peak pressures remain below this point.

4.  Stick to recommended replacement guidelines—The seals, fittings, and adapters on your hose assemblies were not designed to last forever. Replace these parts as necessary to help your hose assembly continue to work safely and effectively.