The Right Way to Clean Your Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

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Even if you have only briefly dealt with hydraulic hose assemblies, you know how important it is to reduce contamination within them. Debris, dirt, particles, and even water that gets into your hose assemblies can quickly create chaos, compromising the way your hoses operate and potentially destroying the machine. To get rid of these contaminants, you need to clean your hose assemblies with regularity, and we recommend using one of these three methods:

cleaning or maintaining your hose assemblies

  1. Fluid flushing—Before you use this method, make sure the fluid is compatible with the inner tube of your hose assemblies. You can then flush your assemblies with a high-pressure fluid to create a turbulent flow. This process will get rid of contaminants that have stuck to the inner tubes of the hoses.
  2. Air—As long as it is dry and clean, you can blow high-pressure air through your hose assemblies. Typically, this method is most beneficial for smaller, shorter hoses. The longer the hose, the more likely it is that particles will get caught within the different components of the assembly.
  3. Projectiles—Compared with air and fluid flushing, using foam projectiles is probably that most effective way to clean your hose assemblies. Make sure you use a specialized bench-top launcher or hand-held launcher to make sure the projectiles get all the way through the hose tubing and do not get stuck in the hose.

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