Why are Your OEM Hoses Leaking?

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Are your OEM hoses leaking? The good news is that they are probably not leaking due to a defect. In most cases, OEM hoses leak when the wrong type of fitting is installed on them or a fitting is installed incorrectly. Leaks can also occur due to a missing or damaged O-ring that leads to an unaligned seal.

most cost-effective way to keep your OEM hoses from leaking

Keep in mind that some types of hose fittings are more prone to leaking than others, especially in cases when they were just removed or reinstalled. The simplest and most cost-effective way to keep your OEM hoses from leaking in the future is to equip them with an O-ring fitting. These hose accessories are designed to create soft seals within a hose assembly to prevent leakage. Know that the key to making sure your OEM hoses stop leaking after using an O-ring is to pick the right one.

If you pick the wrong O-ring for your application that is incompatible with the media flowing through your hoses or the operating temperature range of your system, your O-rings could break down and fail after a short period of use. When choosing O-rings for a leaking hose, make sure the entire system boasts parts and pieces that are compatible with one another, so you can maintain efficiency.

Do you need help selecting the right O-rings for your OEM hoses to prevent leaks and additional damage? At HOSER, we are always ready and willing to provide assistance, so please contact us today.